You are currently viewing Alternative Internet Resources (“AIR”) has purchased the assets and merged resources with Pecan Internet Service, Inc.

Brookshire, Texas (February 8, 2022) – Internet Service Provider; Alternative Internet Resources (“AIR”), recently purchased the assets of a well-known local internet company; Pecan Internet Services, LLC, based out of Brookshire, Texas.

The deal closed on February 7, 2022. “This acquisition will merge two family-owned businesses and expand our current coverage area across Fort Bend, Waller and Austin Counties, increasing its tower network to 27 towers, throughout all counties. We have integrated both teams’ unique expertise, adding and upgrading the latest in technologies, and utilizing our Private Access Lines licenses to ensure our customers are receiving the best that wireless broadband high-speed internet can provide.” said Steven Guy, the company’s CEO. Currently, AIR is in the early stages of expanding to rural communities in Southwest Arizona.

Pecan Internet Services was started in 2008 by Greg Hill, Sr. He also owned a water well company called Geophysical Drilling Inc. Mr. Hill passed away in 2016 and his wife Darlene Hill assumed ownership of Pecan Internet Services. Her son Greg Hill, Jr is now the President of the company and will be joining AIR as its Vice President. “When I first met Steve and Kathy Guy, I found their business model and future plans were very similar to Pecan’s business plans. Our families both strive to offer a service to our communities and neighbors that combine our family values and vision to provide the best rural internet in Texas. I knew that AIR was not only committed to being on top of the industry but valued their customers as neighbors in the same way we have always felt at Pecan. In turn, AIR learned more about Pecan Internet and were impressed by our network and operations. Since our two companies overlapped in territories and with us having similar business models, AIR expressed an interest in purchasing our assets and combining our teams and technologies. With Fort Bend, Waller and Austin Counties growing so quickly, combined with both companies expanding networks and rapidly growing customer bases, we decided that the timing was right to sell certain assets to AIR. In addition, AIR’s PAL licenses will enable us to have priority over frequencies that others cannot access, giving us a tremendous advantage over our competition by providing a consistent and uninterrupted internet. We had been approached by other wireless internet service providers interested in purchasing our network over the past year. We knew that AIR was by far the perfect choice for us and our customers. Not only are they well-funded and the best equipped with all latest technologies, their well-known and outstanding customer service will ensure my father’s legacy and vision continues to provide the unsurpassed dedication and care to our current customers and those that will join in the future.” said Greg Hill, Jr.

“While AIR is building internet infrastructure in Arizona with continued expansion across rural America, we plan on keeping all of Pecan’s existing employees. Pecan’s unique pool of talent and years of experience is critical for the planned growth and expansion of our company,” explained Steve Guy. “Merging these companies with teams intact will ensure a continuation of our mission to respect family values and treat each customer as our neighbor that will follow us wherever we expand. The network infrastructure, which in part includes 27 towers and close to 1000 subscribers, will enable us to increase our technical support, network monitoring and customer care teams by increasing our hours and reducing response times.”

For more information on AIR’s pricing, and the services offered, please visit or call the Brookshire office at 832-303-2778.